Empowering your new business director

Mar 28, 2016

The dictionary definition says it all really – Empower = to authorise, enable, to license.

Well I suppose it depends on what you want from your new business director?

Do you want a “face” for your business-one who does the meet and greet, present the creds.  and fronts the pitch or do you want a person who does the painstaking grind of nurturing the journey (that takes you to the pitch), putting in the calls, developing collateral and hunting down tactical opportunities.

They require very different skills and usually come with a massively different salary too.

I have rarely met anyone that can combine all these elements!

Handling pr and marketing, attending speed dating & networking events and trade shows is virtually a full time job as it is but you do need that multi-channel approach.

Successful new business rarely comes from cold calling alone: let’s face it, would you take a cold call from someone you’ve never heard of?

So here is my 5 point plan to give your NBD what they need:-

  1. MD’s should set more realistic objectives and “play” to their New Business Directors strengths. New business requires investment and not just the salary for your New Business Director. They need the tools to do the job too-accurate data, “stand out” collateral and PR to ensure your brand has that X factor.
  1. They also need to able to direct propositions to their target audience that are truly relevant and not just full of agency puffery – Marketers are frankly bored with reading about agency egos.
  1. New business people are fully prepared to be judged by results but without proper support its a bit like swimming with both arms tied behind their backs-so ensure they get support, even if it means looking outside the agency.
  1. They also need moral support too-don’t leave them to stand alone-new business at its best is a team effort.
  1. Be pro-active, it will pay off in the long run

As we work our way through recession many agency heads have deserted such investment in favour of battening down the hatches by trying to hang on to their existing client base,  supplemented by their referral network; its an obvious strategy, but it has its perils.

You can stimulate growth through this approach but you will always be waiting for phone to ring… a risky plan in my opinion.

Author: John Pummell

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